VentureMom Vendor Referral Agreement

This is an agreement between VentureMom and the Vendor effective immediately. VentureMom is a platform for select brands to sell products on the web site and the Vendor is in the business of provided products or services for sale. The two parties hereby agree as follows:

Vendor agrees to the terms of the Vendor Agreement, the VentureMom Privacy Policy and Terms of Use of the web site. Vendor represents and warrants that it has the right to grant VentureMom and its affiliates, the irrevocable right and license to use, reproduce, display, adapt, modify and reformat the Vendor’s product works and content through the VentureMom web site. Vendor grants VentureMom to right to publish and display the trademarks and logos of the Vendor.

When the Vendor sells a product or service in the VentureMom Marketplace, VentureMom shall collect a commission of 19% of the sale. The balance will be sent to the Vendor with fulfillment information. Vendor agrees to sell the product or service to the customer for the amount listed in the VentureMom Marketplace and will be solely responsible for and will bear all liability for the fulfillment of the order including packaging and shipping the order.

Vendor is responsible for processing all cancellations, returns, refunds or price adjustments. Vendor will notify VentureMom of such and VentureMom will refund any cash remuneration due Vendor.

Neither the vendor nor VentureMom retain any liability with the any buyer of products or services. The buyer of any products or services offered in the VentureMom Marketplace take full responsibility for the use of such products and services. No remuneration will be available should there be any liability upon use of the products and services. The buyer uses the products and services at their own risk. By purchasing products or services in the VentureMom Marketplace, the buyer and the vendor agree to the terms outlined in this agreement.

Vendor will maintain parity between the prices on the VentureMom web site and prices in their own distribution whether on line or off line. VentureMom will own all transaction information. Vendor will not disclose any transaction information. Vendor is the taxpayer and must comply with all applicable tax law.

For the referral of services, the Vendor should send commissions via PayPal upon receipt of payment. This is a trust agreement. We want you to grow and our team works very hard to help you prosper. We hope you’ll honor this relationship. The more we sell of your product or service, the more promotion we may be enticed to provide.

Confidential Information (“CI”) disclosed to the Vendor at any time relating the VM’s business including without limitation, product designs, product plans, software and technology, financial information, discounts, inventions and know-how disclosed to the Vendor and also includes the terms and conditions of this Agreement and to the discussions between the parties. Vendor shall hold CI in strict confidence and take reasonable precautions to protect CI and not to copy or disclose any materials or proprietary marking form of any CI.