About Venture Mom

VentureMom.com was founded by Holly Hurd to help women start their own businesses. By profiling what other women have done, the site provides inspiration and ideas. Most of the women covered on the site have become entrepreneurs with little to no startup capital, no formal business plan and often, those with children, have no babysitter.

Each week in her free weekly newsletter, Holly profiles a different VentureMom and outlines how they got started. Each story works to show women around the country that they too can find a venture that will add to their family’s income and their personal fulfillment.

The site works in three ways. First, it guides women to an idea. Then VentureMom provides a web presence, promotion, distribution and marketing by listing the products, services and coupon codes in the VentureMom Marketplace. Thirdly, content marketing provides exposure for these businesses to a large affluent community. You don’t have to be a mom to be a VentureMom: Your Business is Your Baby.


Since founding VentureMom, Holly Hurd has become a sought-after expert in the field of entrepreneurship. She has spoken at Bay Path University, Women and the Entrepreneurial Spirit Conference in New York City, numerous CT and NY venues, and has been featured online and off in various publications including the New Canaan/Darien Magazine, Westport Magazine, W2W Magazine and on Fox News 12 and a number of radio shows. Her new book Venture Mom: From Idea to Income in Just 12 Weeks, published by Amazon, shows women how to come up with an idea, name and brand their venture and market it to the world.

Holly has always been at the forefront of entrepreneurship. When she was only twenty-five, she was features in Futures Magazine, USA Today and in Fortune’s People to Watch column for her exceptional work managing her own fund on Wall Street. She has put her exciting life experiences to excellent use by creating VentureMom.com, a resource and showcase for business ventures created by women.

Venture Mom

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