✨VentureMom Highlight ✨⁠ Rhonda Swenson of @KrimsonKlover

VentureMom Rhonda Swenson of @KrimsonKlover says, “When I started Krimson Klover 14 years ago, I set out to rewrite the narrative of how women are seen in the outdoors, in business, and in our world at large. I wanted to build a brand that focused on empowering women across our communities.  Born into a dynamic Texas ranching family, I learned at a young age to take risks and fight for what I believed in. I give my mom the credit. She passed down her feisty, artistic, and big-hearted traits—and inspired me to accomplish anything I set my mind to.”

Rhonda’s fierce line of outdoor clothing is built to encourage women to live life boldly and explore all that the outdoors has to offer. The high-quality, versatile fashion is designed to take you wherever your passion leads you, whether on the tennis court, for a hike up a mountain, on the ski slope or running in the wild. Rhonda’s wish for her customers is to do more of what they love to do and she’s providing cool clothing to do it in.