✨VentureMom Highlight ✨⁠ Janice Carte

Featured VentureMom Janice Carte @tinyspoolchef shares her love of cooking and educates people on how to work with a personal chef. “I created this company to connect families with deeply skilled Chefs. I am at the core, a problem solver, nourisher, and connector. Food is sacred, and when humans are supported around the ritual of food, our lives are elevated.”

She never started out to build a business; it was a passion that grew into a business. As a child at her Grandmother’s house, when all her siblings and cousins were playing outside, she stayed in the kitchen to watch her Grandmother cook. It was her happy place. “My bedside table has, for as long as I can remember, been buried in cookbooks (who needs novels?) that are read and cherished for their many inspirations. When I began to travel I proudly took cooking classes just about everywhere I’ve gone, and, from there, started to explore with my own ideas of fusion cooking and world influences.”

Tiny Spoon Chef works to match her clients with the right chef. With kitchens in Boston, Chicago, Miami, New York, New Jersey, and Westport, CT among others, the business is growing. Potential clients set up a 15-minute call to discuss their needs and Tiny Spoon Chef takes it from there. “I get to match people with the right Chef for them, provide support, and ease the burden of their to-do list. I am a matchmaker.”


They also do events and gatherings, “From beginning to end, we will organize and execute a flawless, unforgettable experience your guests will talk about long after the event.”