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Welcome to Pinkbook VentureMom is a community of women business owners who

DREAM & ACHIEVE create, build and grow their own business.
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08 Jun: ✨VentureMom Highlight ✨⁠  Dr. Anna Msowoya-Keys – Maloto

When she returned to her hometown of Mzuzu, Malawi for her sister’s funeral, her life changed. Dr. Anna Msowoya-Keys had…

06 Jun: What Would VentureMom Wear to a Charity Luncheon?

What Would VentureMom Wear to a Charity Luncheon? I was invited to meet the founder of Maloto, Dr. Msowoya-Keys and…

04 Jun: ✨Member Monday Highlight ✨ Rebecca De Ravenel

✨Member Monday Highlight ✨ Rebecca De Ravenel⁠ Rebecca spent her childhood between the Bahamas and Paris, both of which formed…

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